Tool IF-1: Planning for IBL in mathematics

For this tool you will need the following resources:

  • IF-1 PowerPoint
  • Handout 1: Building a school with bottles in Honduras
  • Handout 2: Developing a lesson plan
  • Handout 3: A sample lesson plan

The aim of this tool is to start the group thinking about how to plan for inquiry learning in download_powerpointmathematics. In this activity, the group work together to plan how they will teach a lesson in which students lead their own inquiry.

Building a School Screen Shot


Introduce the lesson ‘Building a School’ and provide the group with copiesdownload_handout of Handout 1: Building a school with bottles in Honduras. Emphasise that in this lesson students ask and answer their own questions and, in so doing, they engage in the modelling cycle. Explain that the lesson is deliberately open and the student activity will depend on what questions they want to pursue in this context.


Provide the group with copies of Handout 2: Developing a lesson plan. Ask them to work in pairs to develop a plan that includes how they will:

  • organise the classroom and the resources needed;
  • introduce the situation to pupils;
  • introduce the idea of the modelling cycle;
  • organise the main part of the lesson;
  • use questioning;
  • finish the lesson.

Bring the group together and ask them to share any important points that have arisen from their discussions. download_handoutProvide them with Handout 3: A sample lesson plan and ask them to devise a research question together.

nextstepsThe group should now aim to complete their planning, teach the lesson and be ready to report back at the next session.