Tool IF-2: Observe and analyse a lesson

For this tool you will need the following resources:

  • IF-2 PowerPoint
  • Video 1: Michelle’s lesson
  • Video 2: Judith’s lesson

This tool will help the group develop appropriate pedagogy for inquiry learning in mathematics. download_powerpointThe group activity is based around video clips of classrooms in which the two tasks are used that were discussed in Tool IE-2: Comparing structured and unstructured tasks. The teachers watch and analyse how the teachers in these video clips orchestrate their lessons. If you have not done Tool IE-2, you may need to either a) give the teachers the handout from this tool beforehand or b) allow some time now for teachers to familiarise themselves with the tasks.

teamworkTo begin, ask the teachers to watch Michelle using the Organising a table tennis tournament problem.

Ask them to consider, as they watch the video:

  • How did the teacher organise the lesson? What phases did it go through?
  • What resources did the teacher have available, and when were these used?
  • Why were students expected to work in pairs/ small groups?
  • How did the teacher introduce the problem to students?
  • What different approaches were being used by students?
  • How did the teacher support the students that were struggling?
  • How did the teacher encourage the sharing of approaches and strategies?
  • What do you think these students were learning?

 Now watch the second video clip of Judith’s lesson, where she asks the class to design a box to hold 18 sweets with the same questions in mind. Orchestrate a whole group discussion around the questions:

  • What did people notice?
  • Which pedagogical strategies did the teachers use?
  • Which strategies seemed to work well?

nextstepsNow ask the teachers to plan a lesson using a similar approach that they will teach before the next professional development session. Ask them to discuss and agree on a particular question that they will explore by observation and reflection on this lesson. Remind them that they should be ready to report back on their reflections to the group at the next session.