Tool ID-2: Classroom questioning role play

For this tool you will need the following resources:

  • ID-2 PowerPoint
  • Video: Questioning strategies

The aim of this tool is to further explore how questioning can be used to stimulate IBL. The group download_powerpointwill begin by watching a short video on questioning, followed by a role play in which teachers experiment with different questions. This activity could be used immediately after Tool ID-1.

Show the video on questioning strategies. Ask the teachers to think about how the video relates to their own practice and their own subject specialism, if appropriate.

Then set up a role play. Agree with the whole group the classroom context (age of pupils, subject, aim of lesson, content or task, etc.).


Ask the teachers to work in small groups to devise some effective questioning to use in this contextFor each small group, one participant should act as the teacher and the other teachers as students. Try out the questions devised by the small group.

In the same groups, reflect on why and how the questions were (or were not) effective, possibly using one or more of the following questions:

  • Pick a question. What opportunities did it provide for the student? What did it provide for the teacher? In which ways was it an effective question?
  • What different sorts of questions were used?
  • Did question x get the sort of response that was predicted?

Bring the group back together and ask the small groups to share their thoughts.


nextstepsAsk the teachers to select or devise some questions that they think would be effective in stimulating student thinking within a lesson and try these out in a lesson before the next session. Ask them to be ready to share their experiences and reflections.