How can the mascil resources be used?

There are two main types of resource provided by mascil:

1. The mascil toolkit – for coordinators of professional development groups.

You are currently in the toolkit section of the resources which includes all of the important materials you need to support your mascil teacher group as a coordinator.

Further advice about using this toolkit can be found here.

2.  Classroom materials – for teachers and co-ordinators

The teaching materials are an important part of the total package of resources available to you. However, they are meant to be illustrative of what  is possible rather than providing an exhaustive bank of resources. Fundamental to mascil professional learning is that teachers have opportunities to design their own tasks that promote IBL and connections with the world of work. This allows for careful customisation of resources that best suit a teacher’s working context and his or her students.

A link to these materials can be found here.

TcA4SmYRZqm9LCkvEb7hH_IRxQtg_GxkP9UUFIjyRm4There is a mascil guide that provides advice about developing materials and this can be downloaded here. It is important as group coordinator that you are very familiar with the principles included in the guide and share these with your teacher group. Tool WC-3: Designing tasks will be useful when working with teachers on this aspect of their professional practice.

There is one tool for this professional question:

Tool PDB-1: Using the resources to meet professional needs.

This tool will help teachers gain an overview of the two types of resource provided by Mascil and relate this to a discussion of professional needs in order to establish a starting point and some initial shared aims for the group.