World of work

Mascil aims to promote wide spread use of Inquiry Based Teaching in Mathematics and Science in ways that connects with the ‘World of Work’. The intention is to make learning more meaningful for students and consequently raise students’ interest in future careers in science and technology based areas. How, as teachers, we might connect school-based activity with the world of work raises many important issues and questions. In this domain of the mascil toolkit we provide support for teacher groups to explore two key issues:

The first of these provides opportunities for groups to consider what the application and use of mathematics and science looks like in workplaces. Much research highlights (for example, see Swanson, D., & Williams, J. (2014) and Wake, G. (2014)) that this is very different to how it looks when being learnt in school.

The second provides a range of ideas about how teachers can connect classroom learning with the world of work.

Use the tools as appropriate for your group. It may make sense to begin by considering the use of mathematics and science in the workplace, but on the other hand, the teachers may feel that they would prefer to think about their classrooms.


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